Secure and Compliant   Communications

for Banking

Secure, scalable, and affordable contact center solutions for Banking and Credit Unions

Benefits of VoIP

Improving efficiency and reducing costs

Banks handle a heavy amount of daily activity and exchange personal information over the phone with their patrons. Modern banking systems, regulations and interactions need more than old systems are prepared to offer. Banks are switching over to business VoIP to improve daily interactions with clients, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and to deliver a better customer service experience to all who seek their services. Poor phone quality can tarnish a bank’s image, and for some clients, a bad call means a bad bank to do business with. If the phone system is poor, patrons and potential consumers will avoid your bank like the plague. Businesses, especially banks, are reaping the benefits of a VoIP phone system.

Better Customer Service

Putting clients first

Business VoIP allows essential personnel to collect data about bank communications for training purposes and for conflict resolution. This allows training personnel to develop customer service strategies that put the client first, to identify customer service concerns, and to evaluate create the most effective communication strategy for daily interactions.

Additionally, employees no longer have to struggle with phone records, data sheets, rate sheets, and loan products. If customers call for an employee who is working out of another location, the customer isn’t inconvenienced by hanging up and calling another location. The call can be transferred to the other branch without losing contact with the caller.

Audit Compliant VoIP 

Fully PCI DSS compliant communications  

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards devised to safeguard all companies that accept, obtain, process, save or transmit credit card information. It applies to organizations of all sizes with any number of online transactions that accept, pass on or store cardholder information – this could be via the phone, internet, or any other means.

3CX supports the latest SSL/Secure SIP and TLS encryption standards,   

Better Call Quality

HD quality calls

Call quality is absolutely necessary in all bank interactions. Poor call quality and inefficient calling capacity can deter clients from seeking the bank’s services. When the bank has a morning meeting of long-distance conference call, all participants can call in and receive a crystal-clear signal. Better calling quality and calling capacity improves bank efficiency.

Call quality is essential when employees do business away from the bank. A user can log into his/her dedicated phone line at the office, on a business trip, or when working from hope. This allows users to do more remotely and work with a wider variety of clientele when they are not in the office. The number the call recipient views on the other line is the number for the bank.